Mini Roulette online casino – the best time killer for gamblers

If a player wants to find out something new in gambling world and his choice turns next to European Roulette e.g., Mini Roulette online casino is the best starting position to become a successful player, participating then in huge standard Roulette tournaments. The “cut-down” version has the same betting principles and gaming process. Good news that the most popular software providers, such as Playtech or Netent have already put big sources into the development of Mini Roulette online casino. Thus, the game’s followers have a chance to try the most advanced and sophisticated variants.

What is necessary to know about Mini Roulette online casino

As it can be understood from the name of the game, the layout is smaller than a “conservative” variant has. There are 2 main tables – Low Roller and a Standard. Depending on the chosen table, the bet can be made on a clear number or on spin. The regular size of the maximum bet is 500 USD for one spin.

Game’s wheel has 13 numbers: from 0 to 12. The pockets are situated alternately: black ones and red ones with one green “Zero” cell. There are some common types of bets, and all of them are listed below.

  • Plein. It’s a bet for a specific number. It’s definitely the most popular type of bets in Mini Roulette online casino.
  • Cheval. It’s a wager on two adjacent numbers.
  • Trio. The chip is to be placed on the line over 3 adjacent numbers.
  • Column. It’s a coin in on the column of 4 numbers.
  • Corner. It’s a bet for 4 numbers in a square.
  • Half Dozen. It’s necessary to place a bet on one of three columns with 6 numbers.
  • Even/Odd. This wager is on Even or Odd numbers.
  • Red/Black. This bet is on the color of the pockets.

The interface of online casino Mini Roulette is also of quite a standard type, when it’s necessary to push the button “Spin” to start every turn. The bets can be repeated by choosing “Rebet” and they can be also taken away, by pushing “Clear”. There are also simple functions when it’s possible to turn on or turn off the sound, check the manual or activate a rapid spin.

The best Mini Roulette online casino to choose

Today’s gambling industry is fantastically advanced, that’s why it’s not a problem to find what is necessary, but below mentioned casinos are ready to offer to gamblers the most interesting, well designed and most profitable Mini Roulette games.

  • Ladbrokes Casino. This source has different types of the game and is ready to provide the guests of Mini Roulette online casino with a very attractive welcome bonus.
  • 888 Casino. This gambling monster seems to have all possible slots and table games in its library, and Mini Roulette isn’t the exception to the rules. The content allows choosing the best from many variants.
  • BetWay Casino. It’s another “magnifico” in the world of hazard, luck and chances. Mini Roulette is also available there with quite advanced bonus system.