Play Mini Baccarat online for free rules

Mini Baccarat is the most popular type of this card game with easier and more straightforward rules; the player only selects positions for bets. The cards distribution and all other actions are performed by the dealer. The rates here are lower (sometimes the initial bet is only $ 5). Due to simplified rules, many gamblers prefer to play Mini Baccarat online for free.

Play Mini Baccarat online for free in brief

A typical set for the game includes 6 decks of cards, a total of 312 cards. In classic casinos, the dealer must not only give out cards following the rules of the game but also carefully shuffle them. After the shuffle, the dealer places the cards in a special wooden box, from where he distributes them to the players one by one.

When gamblers play Baccarat online for free, no type of this box appears. The table for this version is much smaller than the one used for the classic version. The playing field is divided into colored sectors, numbered from one to seven. Three circles in each sector mean 3 betting options, where the player has the right to choose what to bet on. Those, who play Mini Baccarat online for free, also know about Dragon Bonus and Tiger Pair of side bets. They are explained in the Rules table in each slot.

Mini Baccarat rules

The aim of those, who pick this game, is similar to the task of gamers, who play free Baccarat online. The best hand should have 9 (sometimes, 8) points. Other rules say the following things:

  • The 3rd card is taken according to the rules;
  • The size of the bet (minimum and maximum) must be indicated on the table. The options can be combined, for example, both Banker and Tie bets can be picked when gamblers play Mini Baccarat online for free or the same real-money game with a live dealer;
  • The bet on the player and the Banker are paid one to one. The casino has the right to withhold a commission of 5% from the Banker’s rate;
  • Winning a bet on a Tie is much less common, so it is paid in the ratio of 8: 1;

Cards are dealt blindly. First, the player, then the banker receives one card at a time. In total, both should have 2 cards.

The 3rd-card rule

There are special rules for this 3rd card and those, who play Dragon bonus Mini Baccarat online for free. The croupier loots the number of points scored by the Player and the Banker. After comparing these amounts, he takes the lost bets, paying the winning bets. If the banker’s bet wins, then a commission of 4-5 percent is paid in favor of the casino.

The coolest slots with this game

Gamblers, who are eager to win more often, should start to play Mini Baccarat online for free: Playtech has the slots with its variants. The other most-often picked Baccarat gaming machines are:

  • Microgaming Baccarat with the smallest 2 coins bet;
  • Baccarat Gold by Microgaming;
  • 1×2 Gaming variant of this entertainment;
  • Punto Banko by iSoftBet.

Besides, live Punto Banko with real croupiers is often chosen. This is the usual name of a mini version of Baccarat.